What we do

Advocacy, Signposting and Advice Telephone Service:

This is a telephone service for people with learning difficulties and their supporters or carers. People can call us to get support on anything that they feel they need support with. This could be about:
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  • hate crime
  • using Access to Work
  • debt
  • getting advocacy and support
  • understanding changes to benefits
  • accessing services
  • getting accessible information
  • making complaints
  • accessing employment, voluntary roles and education

Depending on what problem you need support with, our staff will:

Offer advocacy: this means we can get in touch and speak to organisations for you, to find out the choices that you have and the way that you can move forward.

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Signpost: this means we will find the right organisation to support you to deal with the problem.


Give advice: we will use our experience to give you accessible information, so that you can deal with the problem

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Work with members and member self-advocacy groups:

FeedbackWe work with our member groups in a number of different ways depending on what they need.

We give training to groups such as:

  • how to set up a Management Committee
  • how to be more user-led
  • how to write a Big Picture Plan
  • We also give advice about a number of different things such as:
  • fundraising
  • campaigning
  • making big decisions in an organisation

We work with our members on all of our policy and campaigns areas and we also support member groups in their campaigns. Policy means the rules and plans made by the Government and other decision makers. We are interested in the policies that affect people with learning difficulties.

Policy and Campaigns work:

ConsultationWe campaign and stand up for the rights of people with learning difficulties. We speak up about the experiences of people with learning difficulties in a number of ways:

  • Going to policy meetings
  • Working with disabled people’s organisations and partner organisations
  • Keeping members up to date on key policy issues
  • Going on marches and demonstrations
  • Building relationships with organisations
  • Replying to consultations: a consultation is when an organisation asks people to give their opinion
  • about something, or about a change they want to make

This is all possible through working with our members in order to make sure that their local voices are heard at a national level. For more information about our campaigns, please go to the link below:

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Cuts Impact Action Now Research Project:

Assessment meetingWe did this research project together with our member organisation, Barnet People’s Choice at Barnet Centre for Independent Living. The research project looked at the experiences of people with learning difficulties with local and national cuts and changes to benefits and services. What we found out from doing this project will be important in supporting our campaigns and policy work.

Computer supportFor more information about this project or if you are a self-advocacy group that wants to start their own research, please go to the Cuts Impact Action Now page by clicking on the link below:

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Easy Read One-Stop-Shop:

Info pack 2Easy Read is very important in making sure that people with learning difficulties can understand information and therefore have choice and control in their lives. This is why we have set up a new Easy Read One-Stop-Shop which gives organisations and people all of the tools that they need to make information easy to understand.

This service is made up of:

  • Decision making meetingTraining: we run training for people and groups. This can either be a group of people at an organisation, or we arrange 4 training sessions each year that other people can come to. This training gives people the skills and tools to put information into Easy Read themselves.
  • Putting information into Easy ReadEasy Read Translation Service: People First staff put complicated documents into Easy Read for other organisations. This service is used by organisations that do not have the time or the skills to put their own documents into Easy Read.
  • CDA Picture Bank: this is a bank of pictures that can be used by people and organisations that want to put their own information into Easy Read.

For more information about this service please go to the link below:

Easy Read One-Stop-Shop

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