The EU Referendum: Register to vote and how to vote

As you may know, the EU referendum is happening on Thursday the 23rd June. This is to decide whether the UK stays a member of the European Union or leaves.

Firstly you can only vote if you are on the electoral register, this is a list of everyone who is allowed to vote. If you voted in the local elections and you haven’t moved house, you will not have to do anything to register. However, if you did not vote on the 5th May or if you have moved house, you will need support to go onto this link and get yourself registered before the 7th June:

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Below are three links that will give you more information

1. Information about how to vote

Guide to Voting (Mencap)

2. Information about what may happen if the country decides to stay in or come out of the EU

EU Referendum Special (United Response)

3. There is also an interesting video with a lot of information about the referendum

Link to the video

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