Important campaign areas chosen by our members

ConsultationHere you will find information about People First’s main campaign areas. In 2014 we did a consultation with our members and they decided that these three areas are the most important campaigns that People First should be working on:

1. Campaigning for more use of Easy Read

Putting information into Easy ReadEasy Read is an important campaign area because it gives people with learning difficulties choice, control and independence. This means that people can make decisions themselves and play an equal part in society.

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How we are campaigning in this area and how you can take part:

Info pack 2Easy Read One-Stop-Shop: We run a service that gives people all of the tools to put documents into Easy Read. This is made up of training, a translation service and a picture bank. For more information about this service, go to the link below:

Easy Read One-Stop-Shop

Giving informationMaking sure we get documents and information in Easy Read: Often organisations and government departments do not send information in Easy Read, or they send a summary of the information instead of translating the whole document. We make sure that we get documents in Easy Read and that they are translated in the right way. We also support people and organisations to do this.

If you want to ask for information in Easy Read but are not sure how, you can:

  • Post letter 2Use the letter below: You just need to add in information about you, about the document that you need translating and about who the letter is being sent to:
    Letter Asking for Information in Easy Read
  • Braille phone 2Get in touch with us and we will support you to get the information that you need. For our contact information go to the link below:
    Contact Us

2. Better funding for local self-advocacy groups

£10 revisedFunding for local user led self-advocacy groups is an important campaign area. This is because they support people with learning difficulties to get rid of barriers that stop people being a part of society. They also support local people with learning difficulties to have a voice and speak up.

Over the last few years local authorities have cut funding for self-advocacy groups. Some groups have even closed down because of this.

Why Local Self Advocacy Groups are Important

How we are campaigning in this area and how you can take part:

Ask people 2
  • At policy meetings and in consultations we tell decision makers about how important self-advocacy groups are for people with learning difficulties
  • We work together with local self-advocacy groups on projects
  • We tell member groups about funding that they can apply for
  • We give advice to member groups on fundraising

3. More local advocacy and support for people with learning difficulties

Support in meetingAdvocacy and support in the community is an important campaign because without this we are cut off and excluded from all parts of society. You cannot take part in the life opportunities that are open to everybody else. Cuts in local authority funding mean that many people are losing their support.

Why Local Advocacy and Support are Important

How we are campaigning in this area and how you can take part:

Informed choice 2With cuts to local authority funding, there is less and less local support on offer for people with learning difficulties. At policy meetings and in consultations we tell decision makers about how important local support and advocacy is and how it needs more local funding.

ConsultationPeople First and Barnet People’s Choice at Barnet Centre for Independent Living did a research project together. One of the important things that the research showed was how important support is and how difficult it is when people lose support and support services.

Person centered planOne of the recommendations in this research report is around support, we think that the local authority should pay for an independent support service for people with learning difficulties going through assessments and reviews.

Choice - loud speakerThis will make sure that people have an equal voice, choice and control in the decisions which have a big impact on their lives. This will be part of our Cuts Impact Action Now campaigning plan. To find out more about this project, go to the link below:

Cuts Impact Action Now

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