The Cuts Impact Action Now Project

Logo Trust for LondonThe Cuts Impact Action Now project funded by Trust for London is an evidence collection project looking at how the cuts to benefits and services are impacting the lives of people with learning difficulties living in Barnet. We looked at what impact both local authority and national cuts were having on local people with learning difficulties.

FeedbackPeople’s Choice at Barnet Centre for Independent Living worked together with People First (Self Advocacy) to test this way of collecting evidence. This evidence will then be used to make change happen for people with learning difficulties at both a local and national level.

How the project worked:

  • One to one meeting 2The first step was to carry out research about the impact of cuts and changes to benefits and services on people with learning difficulties. This was done through 35 in depth interviews with people with learning difficulties, 3 focus groups, and 3 interviews with local service managers. The aim of this research was to look at people as a whole, seeing what the full impact is of all of the changes that are happening.
  • Read information_supportThe second step was to write a report with recommendations based on the findings of our research. This report will be launched in Easy Read in January 2016.
  • PlanThe third step will be to use the report and recommendations to make change happen at a local and national policy level. We aim to do this with the support of other disabled people’s user led organisations. In the key areas affecting people with learning difficulties, we will use this report to make change happen. The plan for making change happen both locally in Barnet and nationally is now being written. It will be shared with our members, telling them and other organisations, how they can take part.
  • Service user guideThe fourth step is to make guidebooks and run workshops for other self-advocacy groups around the country. They will then have the information to set up their own evidence collection projects to make change happen. The guidebook for collecting evidence in your local area will be launched in January together with the research report.

If your group is interested in carrying out its own research then please get in touch with us:

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