Independent Living, Choice and Control

Why it is an important campaign area:

Person centred 3People with learning difficulties have hopes and dreams to live independently like everyone else. However, there are many barriers that mean we can’t do this, such as:

  • Not enough of the right housing
  • Not enough support or advocacy in the community
  • Not enough accessible information
  • Not enough money to pay for the care and support that people need

Person centered plan 2All of the campaigns that we work on push for more choice and control for people with learning difficulties and the right to independent living.

To find out more about the facts on Independent Living, Choice and Control, please read the document below:

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Campaigns Work

Laughing boy bill:

Change documentWe are part of a group made up of disabled people, parents and a legal team that are campaigning for the law to be changed. This is so that disabled people do not have to be forced out of their family home or an area where they have friends and family. People should have the money and support to keep on living in their community and not be sent away to hospitals or assessment centres. For more information about the campaign you can go to the following link:

Equality Act 2010 Select Committee:

EqualityThe House the Lords asked our Director of Policy and Campaigns to give evidence to the Select Committee on the Equality Act 2010. A Select Committee is a group of ministers or lords who come together to check and report on different things. They asked Andrew to give information about how well the Equality Act 2010 is working for people with learning difficulties. To see what Andrew said, go to the link below:

Useful Information

Understanding the law around community care assessments and support:

UnderstandThis document has been put together by the solicitor Kate Whittaker, with Independent Living Fund users, Inclusion London and Disability Sheffield Centre for Independent Living. It is a useful document for understanding the law around assessments.

£10 revisedIt was written to answer the questions of people that used the Independent Living Fund before it closed in June 2015. However, there is also useful information for anyone going through a community care assessment. If you want to read about this, then click on the document below:

Understanding the law around community care assessments and support

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities:

Sign 2The Convention is an agreement about the rights that disabled people should have. The UK Government signed up to this agreement and this means that they should make sure that disabled people can access these rights. For more information about what the Convention says, click on the link below:

Think about informationEach part of the UN Convention is called an article; there are 33 articles in the Convention. To read a summary of each article and what it is about, then click on the document below:

List of Articles_UNCRPD

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