Welcome to the People First (Self Advocacy) website!

People First is an organisation run by and for people with learning difficulties. The organisation aims to speak up and campaign for the rights of people with learning difficulties. We also aim to support self-advocacy groups across the country in their work.

Latest news

Access to Work Survey

There have been big changes to Access to Work. We need to be able to show decision makers and politicians what is happening. Please answer some questions written by the Stop Changes Team and tell us about your experiences with Access to Work.

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Our new picture bank

Coming soon! People First has been working very hard on a new picture bank for using when putting documents into Easy Read. For more information about this please go to:

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Advocacy, signposting and advice telephone service

PhoneIf you are a person with learning difficulties or are supporting a person with learning difficulties and need telephone support with an issue, then call us on:

0207 274 5484

Person centred 2This is a telephone service for people with learning difficulties and their supporters or carers. People can call us to get support on anything that they feel they need support with. This could be about:

  • hate crime
  • using Access to Work
  • debt
  • getting advocacy and support
  • understanding changes to benefits
  • accessing services
  • getting accessible information
  • making complaints
  • accessing employment, voluntary roles and education

Depending on what problem you need support with, our staff will:

Offer advocacy: this means we can get in touch and speak to organisations for you, to find out the choices that you have and the way that you can move forward.

Life choices

Signpost: this means we will find the right organisation to support you to deal with the problem.


Give advice: we will use our experience to give you accessible information, so that you can deal with the problem

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